Operations & Marketing Manager

Alexis brings a blend of public, private and nonprofit experience to Olympia Family Theater. She has over 14 years of arts and education nonprofit experience, ranging from devoted volunteer to founding board member. Through her work experience at Mariah Art School, she understands the immense benefit that arts education has on the lives of young people. She is a strong believer that access to the arts should be an educational right and not a privilege. Alexis is a founding board member of Encore Arts, a memorial foundation whose mission is to connect local South Sound young people with art opportunities.

Alexis came to Olympia in 1996 to finish college and quickly realized that this is an awesomely creative town to raise her children. As a child, she was influenced by her family full of visual artists and business owners. She has always found comfort in wildly creative people and the places that inspire them.

In 1999, Alexis earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The Evergreen State College with a focus on marine studies. She loved the field work and internships the kept her working on the Washington beaches with the low tides—even in the middle of the night in winter! She returned to Evergreen in 2010 to complete her Master of Public Administration with a public/nonprofit concentration. Her graduate degree helped blend all of the work experience & educational passions into one place—data, art, science, and systems.